Summer and academic-year internships are a fantastic way to confirm professional interests, develop applied and technical skills, learn how organizations work, and be mentored by experts in a chosen area of work. HS majors and minors have completed internships with a diversity of businesses, government agencies, nonprofit organizations, and other host sites in the Richmond area and other cities and countries. Career services can help students connect with off-campus internship opportunities.

Meet a Health Studies major

Photo of Savon Smith

Savon Smith ’23 has had a distinguished career as a running back for Richmond’s football team, receiving accolades for his performance on the football field while also being named to the Coastal Athletic Association (CAA) Football Commissioner’s Academic Honor Roll.  “Many student athletes decide to major in Health Studies due to the connection between sports, the human body, injuries, and the healthcare system,” he explains.  “I’ve dealt with multiple injuries from football, and that experience has made me eager to help others with the healing process.”  

Coursework in Health Studies, a minor in Sociology, and a summer internship with physical therapists and athletic trainers cemented this interest in understanding the social and other contributors to health and wellness.  “As a student athlete, I rely on Richmond’s medical staff to help me stay healthy enough to play NCAA Division 1 football.  My internship allowed me to see just how critical trust between patients and providers is for the success of the recovery process.”  Smith encourages all Richmond students to take advantage of internships and other experiential learning opportunities.  “The Health Studies department prepares majors to make a positive impact on other people’s lives, especially when students take advantage of internships, job shadowing, and all the other options for learning outside the classroom that the major offers.”