Career Planning in Health Studies

Health relates to a wide range of employment opportunities, and UR’s Career Services resources can be incredibly valuable for helping Health Studies majors and minors understand which types of health-related jobs may best align with their values, interests, and skills. Career advisors can help students explore majors and professional pathways, refine resumes/CVs, search for internships, apply for jobs and graduate school, prepare for interviews, and plan for post-college life. UR students are encouraged to begin engaging with Career Services as soon as they arrive on campus and to continue using them throughout their studies and as alumni.

Meet a Health Studies major

photo of Kayla Woods

Where you live can affect your life prospects—and not necessarily for the better. Classes like Education and Equity (LDST 384) and Health and Housing (HS 397) introduced Kayla Woods ’22 to the underlying systemic issues driving much of the inequity. “Having your zip code determine your education and health outcomes isn’t fair,” Woods said. “Our public schools reflect what our neighborhoods look like and mirror the inequitable distribution of resources. Similarly, the lack of infrastructure, such as sidewalks, in some neighborhoods affects people’s health by making it more difficult to exercise.”

During a Summer 2021 internship at Virginia Supportive Housing (VSH), a Richmond-area nonprofit that combats homelessness by providing permanent housing and wrap-around support services, Woods worked on social media, grant proposals, and client interviews. “It was cool to see things I’ve grown passionate about in the classroom play out in real life,” Woods said. “As a Black woman, I am passionate about equity, particularly as it relates to people of color. Housing is often at the root of other equity issues.” Woods will enroll in the University of Maryland's Master of Community Planning program and plans to continue working in the housing field. Read More.