Headshot of Dr.Tyana  Ellis

Dr. Tyana Ellis

Visiting Assistant Professor of Health Studies

  • Profile

    Dr. Ellis earned a Ph.D. in Health Communication from the University of Alabama in 2022. Her dissertation focused on food insecurity among college students. She is also interested in sports communication, health education, and research on the mental health of adolescents and young adults. She previously earned an M.S. in Public Health and a B.S. in Health Communication from Campbell University. She served as a graduate student member of the 2022 Think Tank for the American Journal of Public Health, and she has presented her research at multiple national and international communication and public health conferences.   

  • Publications
    Journal Articles

    Bissell K, Ellis THow the female athletes of the Tokyo Olympics are reframing the way we think about motherhood. In: Jackson D, et al., editors. Olympic and Paralympic Analysis 2020: Mega Events, Media, and the Politics of Sport. Austin, TX: Center for Sports Communication and Media, The University of Texas at Austin; 2021, p. 90. 

    Book Chapters

    Bissell K, Ellis T. Are children getting outplayed? Examining the intersection of children’s involvement in physical education, youth sports, and barriers to participation. In: Butterworth ML, editor. Communication and Sport. Boston: De Gruyter; 2021, p. 103–120.