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The Department of Health Studies investigates the social, cultural, environmental, biological, psychological, ethical, economic, legal, and policy contexts that shape individual and population health. The healthcare sector grew from 13% of the gross domestic product (GDP) in the U.S. in 2000 to 18% today, so there is growing demand for professionals who understand health policy, global health, epidemiology, and the complexities of healthcare systems and public health.


  • Mayes Pubilshed

    Rick Mayes, department chair and professor of health studies, co-authored a chapter in Health Policy & Politics.

  • Jacobsen Wins Award

    Kathryn H. Jacobsen, William E. Cooper Distinguished University Chair and professor of health studies, received the 2021 Child and Adolescent Mental Health Journal Best Paper Award for the paper, "Loneliness and friendlessness among adolescents in 25 countries in Latin America and the Caribbean.” Read more.

  • Marguerite Crandall, '16

    Marguerite Crandall, ‘16, is a Manager in business development for Luminis Health at Anne Arundel Medical Center in Annapolis, MD.

  • Mary Claire Jenkins, '16

    Mary Claire Jenkins, ‘16, is an Administrative Intern for Sentara Healthcare at Sentara Norfolk General Hospital in Norfolk, VA. She has worked as an administrative specialist for the Richmond City Health District and as an account manager for Global Prairie.

  • Ashley Vines, '18

    Ashley Vines, ‘18, holds a MS in Biomedical Sciences from Wake Forest University Graduate School and is a student researcher at Wake Forest University of Medicine conducting immunohistochemistry and immunofluorescence staining on bladder cancer tissue samples.

  • Kehinde (Tomi) Jegede, '18

    Kehinde (Tomi) Jegede, ‘18, is a Duke School of Nursing ABSN Candidate pursuing a DNP in order to work in the field of infectious diseases (esp. HIV/AIDS management), medical toxicology, as well as incorporating teaching, advocacy work, and volunteering.

  • Rocío Posada-Castañeda, '18

    Rocío Posada-Castañeda, ‘18, is an Associate Program Manager for Health Equity at Vanderbilt University Medical Center and Fulbright Scholar committed to dispersion of health equity resources and racial equity initiatives.

  • Mia Castagnero, '19

    Mia Castagnero, ‘19, is a Sales Representative for Clinical Research IO. During her time at UR, she was a research assistant evaluating the effects of health literacy competency in adults with chronic kidney disease.

  • Alejandra Narvaez Moran, '15

    Alejandra Narvaez Moran, ‘15, is a Wish Specialist for Make a Wish Foundation. Moran has worked as a Patient Care Coordinator for World Pediatric Project and as a Development Coordinator for Best Buddies International.

  • Jasmine Feng, '20

    Jasmine Feng, ‘20, is a Research Assistant at Boston Children’s Hospital working on developing novel mechanisms such as gene therapy and mouse modeling to study CPVT- a cardiovascular syndrome in pediatric patients that causes life threatening arrhythmias.

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HealthWagon Visits Campus

On January 22, the Health Wagon visited campus to talk about their work, and ways for students to get involved. The organization has served as healthcare on wheels for residents of rural southwestern Virginia since 1980.

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